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This Wiki supports various projects around RéseauCitoyen.

Most of the technical parts are in English, while some others are in French...
Feel free to contribute in your own language!

However, you will have to register in order be able to contribute:

  1. It is a good protection against wiki spam
  2. It is an easy way to give credit to the author of a contribution

Due to repeated SPAMS, user registration is only possible by Sysops. If you would like to contribute, let me know...


Ce wiki héberge divers projets relatifs à RéseauCitoyen.

La plupart des articles techniques sont rédigés en Anglais, mais certains le sont en Français aussi...
n'hésitez pas à contribuer dans votre langue!

Toutefois, vous devez vous enregistrer pour pouvoir contribuer:

  1. C'est une bonne protection contre le spam wiki
  2. C'est un moyen simple de donner du crédit à l'auteur d'une contribution

Suite au multiples SPAMS, la création des utilisateurs n'est possible que via un sysop. Si vous désirez contribuer, faites le moi savoir...


This wiki is available at the same time on Internet and RéseauCitoyen. Historically it was hosted on my home gateway, but the hardware is too old to be able to run MediaWiki happily.
So I eventually decided to move the wiki to the datacenter and use a reverse proxy for the RéseauCitoyen side. This implies that we need to detect proxies, and be able to link outside the wiki, without specifying the name of the server. This requires a couple of changes in the LocalSettings.php configuration file:

# Protocols -- we need this shortcut to link outside the wiki
# (Same behaviour as MoinMoin)
$wgUrlProtocols .= '|http:';

# Take care of the reverse proxy
$wgUseSquid = false;